Privacy Policy


PhotoHaiku's website is hosted by Squarespace and all online store purchase transactions are handled safely by Stripe - an industry standard online payment handling system.


Squarespace uses cookies to enable the site to run more effectively and improve your visitor experience. 

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Personal Data

If you make a purchase through PhotoHaiku's online shop, PhotoHaiku will require a minimum amount of information in order to enable the transaction to take place and the order to be fulfilled with the high standard of customer service that you expect. PhotoHaiku's shop uses the industry standard Stripe to handle transactions securely and confidentially.

PhotoHaiku does not have access to any credit or debit card information, as this is handled separately by Stripe. PhotoHaiku only receives the necessary information from Stripe such as your address, order details and email contact to fulfil your order. PhotoHaiku will never pass any of these details to third parties and will only contact you about your order using the email address you supply if it is necessary to deliver the best customer service - such as confirming a dispatch or delivery.

Optional Email Newsletter Subscription

PhotoHaiku would like to be able to send you VIP discount codes, keep you informed of new products, let you know the dates & locations of when PhotoHaiku will be selling in person (local customers), and to give you notice of new blog posts, plus other inspiring content such as photography tips and gift ideas. You will be offered the option to join the mailing list during checkout. You will have to actively tick the checkbox to opt in, you will not be signed up by default.

PhotoHaiku intends these communications to be inspiring and to reflect customer feedback - to be informed by you the customer. When you subscribe to the email list, you will not be inundated with communications. You will always have the option to unsubscribe at any time..

You can be assured that your contact information is safe, and that PhotoHaiku will never pass it to third parties.

Your Right to Request Deletion of Data and Disclosure of Data

You are in control of data about you and have the right to request deletion of any of the basic data held, and to request disclosure of this data. You can make such requests by writing to PhotoHaiku via the contact form on this website.

PhotoHaiku keeps no paper-based copies of customer personal data whatsoever. Stripe and Squarespace retain electronic records of sales for business accounting purposes and, for subscribers, for email marketing only, unless a request to delete it is received.

Date of Policy: May 2018